Change of Address help (start page)

The Moving in... option is for new tenants or owners, even if you are not yet occupying the property, or where there is a change to the people liable to pay on an existing account.

The moving option is used if all or some of the currently liable people are moving, either out of the area, or elsewhere in Chelmsford (and there is an option if that is a temporary address and you won't be liable there.)

The main website has forms to change a discount or exemption if the status of an existing resident has changed (such as student or disability.)

If you are signed in as a user of the portal your address should show. If not you will have to search for the property at the start of the process.

Help for each page of the form may be available.

Mandatory fields within the process are marked with an asterisk (*). Where you see this symbol you are required to complete the field before continuing.

On-screen validation will prompt you where you have failed to enter a piece of information required, so you are only able to move forward by using the 'Next>' button when all necessary information has been collected from you.